Pros And Cons of LED Lighting

When it comes to lighting your home, you will want to be well informed of the variety of types that can be used to create the atmosphere you desire. LED lights are very versatile because they can bring colored and white lights to any area. Many different light fixture types can benefit from LED lights. Being well informed will allow you to make a better choice for your needs.

 It is important to search for Energy Star products because they are of a higher quality and have better standards than any other manufacturing criteria.


Eco-Friendly: Not as many toxic materials, including CO2 or mercury vapor are used in CFL lights, and LED lights will last longer than other choices.

Maintenance: Energy Star LED lights last up to two to five times longer than florescent lighting and approximately thirty-five to fifty times longer than incandescent lighting choices.

Durability:  If vibration occurs, they are more rugged and usually don't break or have filament damage.

Cost: Operating expenses are much lower producing a savings of approximately seventy-five percent less energy if the Energy Star logo is placed on the unit.

Warranty: A three-year minimum warranty comes with Energy Star qualified lighting which by far exceeds industrial standards for lighting needs.

Output: Less heat output and a lower ultraviolet and infra-red output indicate fewer chances of fire risk compared to conventional incandescent or halogen light choices. For example, this type of lighting is a good choice for use beneath roof insulation because it runs so much cooler.

Start-up Times: In most cases, LED bulbs are not as likely to be damaged by the switching times from on and off positions because of a higher-quality switch. The warm up time is also faster compared to fluorescent lighting choices.


Expensive: Prices are more expensive versus other choices at the time the globe is purchased.

Dimming: Some of the bulbs don't feature a dimmer element.

Possible Issues

You should always locate a bulb that has been approved with an Energy Star rating to prevent low quality issues. As time passes poorly designed bulbs may dim and provide inadequate lighting. The lights may change color and flicker causing a dimming of the lighting source.

Energy Star has tested and proved the quality and efficiency of its products. The light output has been proven over time and is absent of the dimming and flickering issues.

By choosing a product that has the Energy Star approval, you should receive a higher-quality lighting unit. As with any bulb choice, advantages and disadvantages do exist. These suggestions should make your decision simpler when you choose your product. Get electrical repairs by Richard Salter Electric Ltd.