Updating Your Outdoor Lighting For A Summer Party

It is very common to throw parties outdoors when the weather is so nice and warm. Before you start inviting your friends over though, you notice that your landscaping needs a little more pizzazz. The best way to take your yard from ordinary to extraordinary is to add a little outdoor lighting. The latest lighting trends are easier to achieve than you think too.  

Underwater Accents

One of the hottest trends right now is adding underwater accent lighting. Whether you are adding lights into the pool or onto a fountain, it transforms the standard light path. Water passing over the light makes it almost appear to dance. If you want to make the lighting even more interesting, you can talk to your electrician about lights that change colors or fade in and out for another interesting focus.

Usable Light

While accent lights are very nice to highlight areas of your yard, it isn't as helpful when you host a party. Whenever you want to be outdoors in the evening or after dark, the guests need to be able to see each other to socialize. It's also nice to be able to see the food and drinks. When installing lighting, consider where people will be gathered and have your electrician install lighting in these areas. One great place to add lights that is often overlooked is on the underside of your canopy or table umbrella. Since people gather around the patio table, string a lot of medium-sized bulbs provides a great amount of light. It is also very stylish.

In-Ground Path Lighting

Tiki torches and path lanterns are always going to be a great option for pathway lighting- especially for a party. However, if you are looking to install a more permanent lighting to a path, consider lighting that is placed in the ground. These lights stick out no more than an inch or two because they are meant to be part of the ground, not covered up. If light softly going straight up isn't so attractive to you, an alternative trend is to tilt the plastic casing that holds the bulb up to 45 degrees.

Lighting Matters

Adding different lighting options around your yard provides a different kind of decoration to your party. Natural, understated landscaping lights give a stunning and impressive appeal to a backyard. Plus, a great benefit is that you are going to have updated lighting to enjoy in your yard after the party, too. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Argon Electric Ltd electrical rewiring.